Cell Phone
Cell Phone Item
Found in Azabudai Station Mall
Description A spent and discarded cell phone
Related memory items None

The Cell Phone (携帯電話 Cell Phone) is one of the Memory Items that can be read in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. It is found in the old section of the Azabudai Station Mall, at one of the dead ends near the area entrance. The memory it contains tells of a woman desperate to record a farewell message before being cut off by the phone's dying battery.


Oops, it's already recording!

Okay, um... I'm on my way out to say goodbye to this world. I might not make it very far, but even if I only make it one step, so long as time permits me, I want to see this world with my own two eyes. I want ot leave proof here that I existed in the world. So, if there's anybody listening to this, please remember me. Remember that I was alive.

Dang, that was pretty gloomy... I should've left it on a more positive note. Ack! I'm almost out of t-