Deflated Balloon
Deflated Balloon Item
萎んだ風船 (Withered Balloon)
Found in Lunar Hill Fun Land
Description A deflated amusement park balloon
Related memory items None

The Deflated Balloon (萎んだ風船 shriveled balloon) is a Memory Item Seto comes across in Lunar Hill Fun Land. It is a simple, commonplace item, but the memory stored within expresses a profound loneliness.


That was a lot of fun, Mommy.

Now let's go back home to Daddy." Something about the clouds looks so menacing and smoky gray. The black crows have begun to caw. We have to hurry home. Mommy in my right hand and my balloon in my left.

What happened? What's going on? Where'd my mommy go? Does anybody know? Anybody...?

My balloon and me. Alone and afraid. The butterflies flew and I lost myself as I chased them. Alone and afraid, I stuffed them in my pocket. I stop where I am. I stare at my trembling hands with eyes red from crying I really am all alone now.

So let's go home. We'll tell Daddy all about today. Even the cawing crows have left.