Flash Bulb Item
Type Light source
Stats N/A
Shape Square1
Found in Various locations
Description "A unique bulb that emits a sudden bright light. Light-sensitive enemies caught in its flash are left hurting. However, it takes a while for its charge to build for the next flash."
Price 10,000 Yen
Sell value 3,330 Yen

The Flashbulb (フラッシュライト Flashlight) is a unique item in {FD}} that Seto can obtain and equip. When equipped, the flashbulb takes the place of the Flashlight and replaces the Wii Remote cursor with a unique timer. When the timer is full, Seto can activate the flashbulb to emit a powerful burst of light, dealing a large amount of damage to any light-sensitive enemies in the vicinity. The timer then resets for the flashbulb to be re-used.

The flashbulb is primarily a weapon, but can also be used as a light source to quickly and brightly illuminate the immediate area. Unfortunately, like all other weapons, the flashbulb can be broken after a random amount of uses. What's more, the flashbulb is so old that it can burn out on its first use. Luckily, the flashbulb takes minimal space and can be found in multiple locations, eventually becoming available from the Item Merchant later in the game.


  • Both the names 懐中電灯 (kaichuudentou) and フラッシュライト (FURASSHURAITO) refer to a flashlight, however, the two items are obviously different and required distinct names.