Flashlight Item A
Type Light source
Stats N/A
Shape Square1
Found in Observatory
Description "This Flashlight's beam pierces the dark. Who know what horrors it'll uncover from the shadows?"
Price N/A
Sell value N/A

The Flashlight is the first source of light that Seto is able to harness in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. Light is essential in Fragile Dreams, and with the Flashlight, the dark hallways and decrepit locales that Seto must traverse can be lit up and examined. The flashlight also serves as a means to locate and hinder the Thought Entities that haunt the decaying world.


The flashlight indicates the immediate area that Seto looks toward. The Wii Remote pointer, directed by the player, controls the location of the flashlight beam. Upon entering first-person view the pointer and flashlight can be used to activate objects and examine the area Seto is facing.

In BattleEdit

While introducing Thought Entities, Personal Frame also informs Seto that they are weakened by the beam of his flashlight. While within the flashlights's beam, thought entities, like the Jellyfish, are forced to luminesce and reveal themselves. Additionally, the light slows their movement down minutely.

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