Fragile Moonlight Trax
Fragile Moonlight Trax front
フラジール ~さようなら月の廃墟~
Fragile Moonlight Trax
Released January 22, 2009
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Composers Riei Saito
Tracks 10
Length 20:39
Media CD

Fragile Moonlight Tracks (フラジール ~さようなら月の廃墟~ Fragile Moonlight Trax) is a promotional CD that came along pre-ordered copies Fragile Dreams. This promotional soundtrack was only available with the Japanese version of the game. The CD contains 10 select tracks that would later appear in the official OST.

This promotional CD is not to be confused with its North American counterpart, Fragile Dreams ~Farewell Ruins of the Moon~ Moonlight Tracks.