Glittering Stone
Glittering Stone
Found in Oikawadani Dam
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Little brother: Wow...!

Older Brother: What'd I tell ya? Great view, huh?

Little Brother: Yeah, it's amazing...!

Older Brother: I was saving the best for last. Hey... W-what's the matter?

Little Brother: Hic... Nngh...

Older Brother: What are you crying about? Weirdo.

Little Brother: Sniff... Hic... I'm sorry...

Older Brother: Quit it. You're making me feel weird, too.

Little Brother: ...I don't want this to be the last time.

Older Brother: What are you talking about?

Little Brother: Mommy told me this is the last time. But I don't want that. I wanna come here again with you.

Older Brother: What are you babbling about? I-I get it, so stop crying. ...Fine. Have this.

Little Brother: Ooh... Where did you get this stone? It's so pretty...

Older Brother: I found it here. Pretty cool, huh? Let's find more here next time.

Little Brother: Next time? Honest?

Older Brother: Cross my heart, hope to die. You keep this one so you know what to look for on our next trip.

Little Brother: Okay!

Older Brother: And don't talk about this being the last time ever again.

Little Brother: Okay... But Mom said-

Older Brother: I promised we'd come again. And real men don't break their promises!

Little Brother: Right! ...Thanks.