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Hikari (光, light) is the main theme song for Fragile Dreams. The song is performed by Aoi Teshima and can be heard during the game's opening animation and in preview trailers.

In the opening video, Seto can be seen searching through abandoned locations following his "grandfather's" instructions to reach the red tower. The opening movie and song are also meant to show that much time has passed and much distance has been traversed since Seto left his home. The song is very well suited for the narrative, having a melancholy, yet optimistic, melody. "Hikari" also alludes to the game's themes of searching, loneliness and an unknown future.


Japanese Romaji

ねぇ、 変わらないものはもう
ねぇ、 伝えたいことはもう


ねぇ、 あの約束さえもう
ねぇ、 この歌声だけ、
嗚呼、 君に届くようにと

溢れ出す涙から始まる 今日

遠くへ 遠くへ
光求め あぁ
遠くへ 遠くへ
掴みたい ね

交差する 交差する
その先に 何がある

Nee, kawaranai mono wa mō
Kono sekai ni nai ka na?
Nee, tsutaetai koto wa mō
Kono kokoro ni nai ka na?

Yoru no fuchi asa ga matsu,
Kurikaesu hibi...

Nee, ano yakusoku sae mō
Wasurete yuku no naraba
Nee, kono utagoe dake,
Aa, Kimi ni todoku you ni to

Owari kara hajimari he
Afuredasu namida kara hajimaru kyō

Tooku e tooku e
Sugita toki no kagebōshi
Hikari motome aa
Tooku e tooku e
Kienai you ni kagerō
Tsukamitai nee

Kōsa suru kōsa suru
Hikari to kage
Sono saki ni nani ga aru

*from in-game subtitles

Tell me... must everything in this world change?
Tell me... is there nothing left in this heart to express?

In the depth of the night, morning awaits, and the day repeats.

Hey... if even our promise will one day be forgotten
Oh, how I wish for this song to reach you.

From the end to a new beginning, these tears greet the day.

Far away. Far away. The shadows of the days past yearn for the light.
Far away. Far away. I hold on to the delicate shimmer.

The ever-shifting, ever-changing light and shadow,
Just what awaits us beyond them?

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