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August 2nd.

Today was just like any other.

Quiet. Uneventful.

Which I couldn't be more thankful for.

Even so, the speed at which this research is progressing leaves me astonished.

People think that it's genius' work, but from my standpoint, I think we're moving too fast on this.

There's... Something not right about it...

The scientist in me wants more proof.

In fact, I don't feel that there's any need to rush something like this...

She could stand to take it easier, too.

Of course, she'd chew me out if I ever told her that.

My assistant is a little too diligent. She won't let me get away with slacking.

Oh, well.

Anything looks like slacking compared to her work.

I haven't a doubt that working under a more promising researcher would guarantee her a brighter future.

I've found plenty of opportunities for her to relocate but... she's more stubborn than I thought.

Either way, I'm more than welcome to the idea of drinking her coffee everyday.

...Hmm. Just writing about coffee has me craving some now.

Hey! Another cup, please!