Key to the Chapel
Key to the Chapel
チャペルの鍵(Chapel Key)
Found in Kurato Hotel
Description A golden key for a chapel (church).
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The Key to the Chapel (チャペルの鍵 chapel key) is a Memory Item found in the Kurato Hotel. It seems to depict a conversation between a father and son regarding the son's wedding. It appears that the wedding was only going to consist solely of the son, and his bride, and his father.


Son: We got the green light, Dad. They said we were free to use it.

Father: Is that so? Son: Yea, look. They even gave me the key to the chapel. Father: ..This is okay with you? Son: I know the hotel staff already said that they wanted to spend their last moments on their own. And I doubt we'll have any guests. Father: Well, I expected as much, but all the same... Son: Trust me. It'll be fine. Just you, me and her. The three of us is all we need. Oh, almost forgot! Sorry to ask you this, Dad, but could you tell her that we can hold the ceremony? Father: You want me to do it? Son: You know how it goes. It's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before wedding. It's a tradition. I'm sorry to pull this on you, but I'd really appreciate it. Father: ...Alright then. Son: Thanks, Dad... Heh, I owe you one. Father: You little rascal. Now you're making me blush.