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The Fragile Dreams manga was written by Hirune Sumino. It details the events that happen after the end of the game, as Seto and Ren journey together. Soon, they encounter a strange talking cat and a few special memory items. We're also given a small look into Ren's background and Seto's feelings for her.


The manga is set a little after the events of the game. Seto and Ren come across Shiro, a talking cat with memories of Tokyo Tower, along their journey, as well as dive into Ren's own past and Seto's insecurities.


  • Seto: The main protagonist of both this and the original game, Seto is a 15 year-old human searching for survivors with his new companion Ren. Much of the manga revolves around his relationship with Ren and his memories of his previous friends, Crow and Sai.
  • Ren: Originally a "planned child" to be used as a catalyst for Glass Cage, Ren was rescued by Seto and now travels with him to find more survivors. She has gotten extremely close to her new friend within the short time they've been traveling and enjoys her new found company. She is characterized as being child-like and carefree, but totally aware of the fragility of life and despair of loneliness. The manga goes into her backstory and explains why she was a catalyst and how she can naturally see manifested thoughts ("ghosts"/AI).
  • Shiro: A cat that can mysteriously talk. Seto and Ren come across Shiro along their journey and later assist him on trying to figure out why he has memories of Tokyo Tower.


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