Memory item

The first memory item Seto finds, a paper crane.

Memory Items are belongings left behind in the world of Fragile Dreams that contain the final thoughts and memories of their owners. When brought to a bonfire, Seto can listen in to their stories before stashing them away in his briefcase.

Some of the items are stand alone, with their story concluded with that single object. Others, however, may form an overarching story that can only be completed by collecting all of the memory items. A notable example is the Seven Colored Bells collection.

List of Memory ItemsEdit

Below are the memory items found in the game, listed under the locations they are found in.

Azabudai Underground StationEdit

Azabudai Station MallEdit

Lunar Hill Fun LandEdit

Kurato Kankou HotelEdit

Underground Utility TunnelsEdit

Oikawadani DamEdit


Twilight TowerEdit