Mystery Item
Mystery Item1
Type Mystery
Stats Mystery
Shape Square2 / Rectangle3
Square1 / Rectangle1 / Rectangle2
Lshape1 / Lshape2 / Tshape1
Found in Various locations
Price None
Sell value None

Mystery Items are one of the core mechanics of Fragile Dreams gameplay. They are objects strewn about the environment that Seto can pick up along the way. Their shape (i.e. the space they occupy in the inventory) cannot be known until they are picked up. The item's exact identity, however, remains a mystery until Seto examines the items to a Bonfire. At a bonfire all mystery items in Seto's possession are automatically clarified and, in the case of Money Items, sold for money.

Nearly all of the Memory Items Seto finds are left as mystery items. Additionally, items dropped by enemies are also left as mystery items, while key items necessary for progress are never picked up as mystery items.