Scientist's Mug
Scientist's Mug
Found in Laboratory
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Assistant: Here you are.

Scientist: Thanks. Mm, smells great. I swear, you brew a mean cup of joe.

Assistant: You can thank the coffee maker for that.

Scientist: Nah, it's more than that...

Assistant: I don't have time for this. Please get back to your work.

Scientist: Aw, come on. You deserve a coffee break, too. Join me.

Assistant: No, thank you. I have duties to attend to.

Scientist: Always the diligent worker.

Assistant: Compared to your idleness, perhaps, Doctor.

Scientist: The team doesn't need a dimwit like me to get the job done right. They're plenty smart enough.

Assistant: But, Doctor, you were supposed to be one of the finest in the world.

Scientist: Yeah. That's why I think they made a mistake.

Assistant: Hardly. All you lack is the drive.

Scientist: I don't prescribe to the "where there's a will" belief.

Assistant: Doctor.

Scientist: I know, I know. I've still got a job to do. So I'll do it.

Assistant: In that case, would you please get on with it?