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Special Flashlight Message Hotel

Seto illuminating a secret message

Secret Messages are writings left behind on the walls by other human beings and scattered throughout all the locations in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. The messages are not visible to the naked eye and only appear when illuminated by the Special Flashlight.


Seto first encounters secret messages in the Azabudai Station Mall, shortly after picking up the special flashlight. In order to find the missing Star key item and continue his search for the silver-haired girl, Seto follows the trail of secret messages further back into the mall.

Though it is not stated true, it is theorized that the authors of the messages are, like Seto, possible survivors of the Glass Cage Project, as many messages contain references to "survivors" and preternatural creatures. However, the survivors spoken of could refer to those that survived earthquakes or other natural phenomena.

List of Secret MessagesEdit

Below is a list of secret messages grouped by the location they are found in.

Azabudai Underground StationEdit

it's a whole lot easier
with everybody gone
Location: Near the train platform

I don't miss the
rush hour madness
Location: On the side of a train car

Answer me...
Location: On the wall along the train tracks

Azabudai Station MallEdit

What you seek is
just ahead
Location: Near the mall entrance

It's no use
searching here
Location: Beside a locked door near the mall entrance

chasing after me
Location: Near the door of the room containing the Star

You won't find it here.
So pretty and shiny
It's mine.
The star's all mine.
Location: In the room containing the Star

Where oh where
should I hide it?
I'll never let anyone have it!
Location: Near the storage room entrance

All that is pretty
is mine!
I'll never let go!
Location: In the crowded storage room

Stay Away!
Stay Away!
Location: In the crowded storage room

I trusted PF's word
and came here, but
there's no one
Location: Outside the boiler room door

I fear this is the end
My wound's infected now
Location: West end of mall center

Somebody, please!
If you're there, answer me!
Location: In the old mall

I dumped that
useless thing in the station.
Now I'm all alone and I
can't go on.
Location: In the old mall

Lunar Hill Fun LandEdit

I am Crow
I enjoy items that gleam.
Like the moon located by the teacups.
Location: On the side of the "Jet Bomber" attraction

I am Crow.
Like the bird.
Crows collect shiny stuff.
Location: On the side of "Chambers of Hideous Horrors" attraction

Call me Crow.
Like the bird.
Crows stash treasure.
Location: Next to the ferris wheel sign

I am H005348
Pond reflects
many moons
Location: On the side of teacups attraction booth

Kurato HotelEdit

What is that thing?!
Location: Stairwell, beside level 1 door

How can it exist?
Location: Stairwell, roof level

It eats people!
Location: Hallway to hotel stage area

Come on! Not here, too?!
Location: Third floor, near rotunda entrance

I'm saved!
Location: Second floor

Location: Central circular area

Location: Interior side of boarded up entrance

Underground Utility TunnelsEdit

Watch out!
Location: Long hall

There's something lurking in there.
Location: Long hall

I can see something there.
Location: Long Hall

It's watching me!
Location: Long hall

We're all dead.
Location: Long hall

You'll die...
Location: Long hall

Location: End of long hall

It's a dead-end.
Location: Below Treasury

He's in here somewhere.
Location: Room before Giant Star-Nosed Mole

Oikawadani DamEdit

This dam will still work even 100 years from now.
Location: 2nd turbine room


I'm too young to die
Location: Room before the 1st white room. (EVERY SINGLE SURFACE)

I don't want to die.
Location: Room left to Brain Wave Measurement machine.

Twilight TowerEdit



  • It's unknown whether the secret messages are caused by the Glass Cage Project since all of the implied writers of these messages are either dead, AI (Crow), or a "planned child" (Ren); or they're hidden for another reason.