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Fragile farewell ruins of the moon conceptart KMJU6
Concept art of Seto
名前 セト
Gender Male
Age 15
Seen in N/A
Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch (ENG)
Houko Kuwashima(JAP)
Related Items N/A
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At that moment, I was truly alone in the world.

Seto (セト Seto), the protagonist of Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, is a young boy who ventures out into the ruined world after his caretaker passes away. He inherits a mysterious blue stone and is left instructions to head for a red tower to the east, where there may be other humans. Throughout Seto's travels he meets people and spirits alike, however, a sense of loneliness continually grips him, and he longs to have a companion beside him.

Character InfoEdit

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Seto is a teenager who seems to have been sheltered for most of his life. He is not used to being alone and desires companionship so he can have someone to talk to and share discoveries with.

For as long as he can remember, Seto lived with an old man who took care of him. The old man raised Seto in an old Observatory until one day he passes away. Ever since, loneliness has eaten at Seto, and he seeks out other people to share memories with.


Seto Crying Over Chiyo

Seto is saddened by Chiyo's passing

Seto keeps a relatively light outlook on life despite being through tough times. He is a somewhat quiet and shy young man, gentle in speech yet friendly to those he meets. He is often portrayed as childish and naive since he has not experienced much of the world outside the observatory. Even with the hardships he faces, he overcomes them and remains optimistic on finding the silver-haired girl and other survivors.

He enjoys being around others, like Ren and Sai, to keep from being lonely and is very trusting, doing what he can to aid others. Seto strongly dislikes to be alone and always tries to find someone to talk to, even if they don't reply. He seems to be severely pained each time one of his friends leaves him, and to remember them he keeps mementos which he holds close to him at all times. Notably, in the manga Seto has a severe mental breakdown after thinking that Ren was going to die due to lack of medicine. Seto then refuses to let Ren walk on her own and instead carries her to Tokyo Tower, showing how afraid he is to lose someone else he cares about.

Seto Azabudai Station Entrance

Seto's appearance

Seto seems extremely forgiving, even to those who hurt him. One example was when Crow stole his locket and mocked his precious belongings. Although this angered Seto, he later cries when he thinks Crow has taken a fatal fall, and is grateful he emerges unharmed.


Seto is a 15 year old boy with a reddish-brown hair with dark blue eyes. He wears a light blue parka with black pants and worn out brown shoes. Around his neck he wears a locket, given to him by his late grandfather, that holds his valuables. Over his parka are leather straps that go around his waist and up over his shoulders for carrying items. In front of his waist hangs a large red canister of fish food, seemingly for storage. During their time together he also wears Personal Frame on his back, like a backpack.



Seto's journey begins shortly after the mysterious old man who took care of him passes away, leaving the Seto to give him a burial. He then finds a letter addressed to him from the elderly man. In the letter, the old man tells Seto that their time together was the only time he really enjoyed life. The old man left a Strange Blue Stone, with the letter, along with instructions to head east and "reach a tall, red tower."

Time passes as Seto heeds the old man's words and heads to the red tower in the distance. Along the way, he witnesses the decayed state the world has fallen into, and all the while has no one to share his moments with. Seto eventually finds himself at the entrance to old subway station. A lone singing voice, strange and out of place, attracts Seto's attention. On an old, collapsed pillar sits a girl with silver hair. Seto moves forward to get a better look at her, and startles her when he steps on a squeaky slipper. She falls to the ground and Seto dashes to her side. Touching her cheek awakens and frightens the girl and she flees into the underground subway station, leaving Seto to linger on the thought of having seen and touched another human. Getting over the shock of touching another living person, Seto gets up follows her into the station.

Azabudai Underground Station and MallEdit

After running into the station, he hears a call for help. Following the cries, he finds a robot backpack named Personal Frame (PF for short), who becomes his first companion. PF agrees to help Seto get navigate his way through the station. They find a Paper Crane left behind and discuss seeing the real birds together. They reach the surface where they share the sight of the dawn sky together. PF tells him that she might know the where the silver-haired girl can be found, and advises him to head to the underground mall. Seto receives the key to the mall from the ghost of a little girl, before proceeding.

Seto PF goodbye

Seto embraces his trusted companion.

In their search of the mall they come upon graffiti that the silver-haired girl left behind. The graffiti gives Seto hope that he will find the girl, however, PF is more content to be with Seto as they are. Upon reaching end of the mall, Seto expresses his gratitude for PF's help, despite her opinion on being unhelpful. Personal Frame then tells Seto that her battery is running low, and they have one last conversation together. As she powers down, PF asks for Seto's name and he obliges to her dying wish. Anguished at the loss of PF, Seto keeps her screw as a memento and performs a burial for her before moving on.

The Lunar Hill Fun LandEdit

Crow Seto LunarHillFunLand2

Seto meets the cocky Crow

Exiting the underground mall, Seto enters a deserted amusement park. Very shortly, he encountered a boy by the name of Crow, who questions his intentions and arrival at the park. After the interrogation, Crow snatches Seto's prized locket and runs off, prompting Seto to take chase. Seto tracks Crow throughout the amusement park, even over the rusting roller coaster tracks, before cornering him. Unfortunately, Seto falls into a trap laid by Crow, and tumbles into the tunnels beneath the park. While searching for a way out, Seto finds a book titled Pirate Isle in which he notices many of Crow's own words.

Back on the surface, Seto spots Crow atop the ferris wheel, before he is interrupted and attacked by a Tracker. After the battle, Seto climbs up the ferris wheel in hopes of getting his locket back. Upon reaching the top, Crow taunts Seto but then slips and falls to the ground. Crow tosses Seto his locket mid-fall before crashing into the merry-go-round. Seto rushes down to see if he is all right, before breaking out in worried tears. Crow, seemingly unharmed, taunts Seto yet again for his crying, and the two share a laugh at the night's antics.

Reconciled, they share a conversation involving the purpose of their journeys. Crow shows Seto a photo of what he is searching for, himself in laboratory, and Seto asks Crow about the silver-haired girl. To make up for his bullying, Crow gives Seto a prize, a Skull Ring, which Seto carries along with his other mementos. While Seto looks over his gift, Crow, to his surprise, suddenly leans forward and kisses him. Crow explains that he read of kissing as a simple act between friends, which further shows his lack of experience in human interaction.
Seto meets Sai Hotel1

Seto meets Sai

Seto, still in shock, claims that it was his first kiss, and Crow simply replies that it therefore makes them best friends. They promise to see each other again before parting ways to their own paths.

Kurato Hotel and Underground TunnelsEdit

On Crow's advice, Seto heads from the Fun Land to a nearby abandoned hotel, the Kurato Kankou Hotel. Inside he hears voice of a girl, warning him of danger further in. Against its warnings, Seto follows the voice and reaches it origin, a ghostly, floating girl named Sai. Before they can talk, Seto is again attacked by a Tracker, which, upon being defeated, drops the Key to Room 301 of the hotel. Inside the room he finds Sai's physical body and realizes that she is indeed dead. Out of boredom and curiosity, Sai decides to accompany Seto.

Chiyo Kurato Hotel Seto Sai1

The bratty Chiyo, doubtful of Seto's efforts

They continue exploring the hotel together, eventually meeting another ghost-like girl named Chiyo. Chiyo bars their entry into one of the hotel rooms, and to gain her trust Seto is tasked with finding a Star and Moon. With Sai's help Seto finds the Star and Moon back in the underground mall and the amusement park. However, Chiyo refuses to believe this, instead charging Seto with finding her lost Silver Ring. He manages to retrieve the ring from the hotel restaurant, defeating a giant tree spirit on the way, before convincing Chiyo he can be trusted. In the hotel room Seto and Sai discover that Chiyo is not a little ghost girl, but an old woman. In truth, Chiyo is nearing her final moments, but before she passes she expresses her thanks for finding her ring. Chiyo enlightens Seto on the small moments in life that must be treasured, and explains that memories of happiness, such as those that tied to her ring, are the true gems of life. She gives Seto her Yellow Flower Brooch as a memento of their meeting before thanking him. She thanks him again and wishes him to live life fully before passing away peacefully.
Seto Sai Follow Cat

Seto and Sai follow the white cat.

On the hotel roof Seto and Sai discuss his goal of finding companionship. Though skeptical, Sai agrees to go along with him. They then spot a cat, who seems to beckon for Seto to follow it. He and Sai follow the cat down the hotel stairs and to a manhole covered in doodles. Taking this as a clue to the silver-haired girl's whereabouts, the two venture down into the tunnels below.

After wandering through the utility tunnels, they find finally find a white cat which Seto befriends. The cat leads them to the silver-haired girl, who is at first hostile towards them. She softens after seeing the white cat's approval of Seto, but before she can introduce herself the voice of a man is heard over the speaker, commanding her to get return. Interestingly, Sai recognizes the voice, however, the silver-haired girl heeds the call and Seto is left chasing after her again.

Oikawadani DamEdit

The two arrive at the dam, to which surprises Seto since he had never seen it before and thought it was beautiful. He laments on how he was able to share the discovery of the dam with Sai and mentions that he doesn't like being alone when making discoveries. He finds the silve-haired girl again and she disappears down the elevator, pleading Seto for help. After deciding he would go after her, Seto and Sai together head towards the inside of the dam.

After entering, they meet the merchant who was attempting to awaken an already dead young girl with unique and shiny objects. After scaring Seto and Sai off, the merchan later apologizes and rewards Seto with another momento he keeps pernamently. Seto goes on his way to rescue the silver-haired girl. Upon reaching a room filled with discarded robots, Seto finds Crow among them. Despite his comments about not really being a friend, Seto exclaims that Crow was his best friend. After Crow dies peacefully in Seto's arms, Sai claims that Crow had shut down, but Seto harshly claimed that his friend died, hinting that Crow was the most human-like friend he had encountered and seemed extremely distraught over losing someone again.

Upon returning to the surface, Seto is attacked by Shin and his wrecker, but he survives thanks to Sai's help. With the help of Sai, he decides to again to find the girl and they go to her cell, revealing that Sai knew the password to the cell. Together they go down the stairs to find the silver-haired girl.

The Final ChapterEdit

Seto and Sai go through a series of dangerous labratories (one filled with toxic gas, one filled with motion sensors) and they finally reach Shin, who is now a ghost. He has the silver-haired girl trapped in a glass tube. Seto attempts to attack him, but is knocked away easily. After angering Shin, he and Seto have a brief battle, but Shin disappears after being temporarily defeated. Seto frees the girl from her glass prison and the three attempt to find Shin at the Red Tower.

Upon arriving, Seto reveals that he wants to face Shin alone. To avoid injuring the silver-haired girl, he decides to leave her along with Sai to keep her company. As he scales the Red Tower, he hears the voices of previous friends. He first hears Personal Frame who claims that she never forgot him that he will defininately win the battle, because he set his mind to it. Next, Seto hears Chiyo's wise words and he thanks her. The final voice is of Crow, his deceased best friend, who encourages him to go up and "give 'im the best you got" and reassures Seto that he will watch his back. Seto arrives to the top of Red Tower and confronts Shin. Before the battle, Shin asks Seto why he fought the end of humanity and Seto claims that it is because of his need for someone to talk to, as well as human contact. After a battle leaving both sides exhausted, Seto then questions Shin why he hates humanity so much. Shin reveals that he made himself the first subject of the Glass Project. This project had the goal of rendering language obsolete by allowing humans to communicate using thoughts. Having the abiliy to listen to thoughts allowed Shin to see the farce and hatred within everyone, and he ultimately lost all faith in society. Shin claimes that no one ever loved him, but Sai, who has come up the tower along with the silver-haired girl, told him that she loves him and that love is an emotion that can only be expressed though words. The two vanish together, after thanking Seto, who then collapses and weeps at the loss of yet another friend.

Seto's older voice is heard, explaining that he and Ren had traveled together for many years, but he is eventually left "utterly alone" once more. This could allude to Ren leaving his company for unknown reasons, or it may refer to his own eventual death.

Seto and the silver-haired girl go down the Red Tower together. Seto finally asks for her name and she reveals it to be Ren. Seto tells Ren that there are many survivors that can still be found and asks if she wants to search with him. Ren agrees, and thanks Seto for being there with her. As she begins to run off, Seto calls out to her, and thanks Ren for being there with him, also.


The manga is set a year or so after the defeat of Shin and Seto is seen to be traveling with Ren and her self-proclaimed cat named Shiro, who seems to be a cat reincarnation of Shin. They intend to go to Tokyo Tower to find out why Shiro was having nightmares about his forgotten past and to find some medicine for Ren since she is running out. Seto dreams about school and he meets the friends he has left behind or passed on (excluding PF). He is shown to be extremely worried and has a severe mental breakdown after he starts thinking that Ren was going to die too. He starts carrying Ren on his back and refusing to put her down, thinking it was the best option. He berates himself on how life is short and that he cannot bear to lose anyone else.

After making out Shiro's painful memories, Shiro parts way with the two, but Ren decides that she needed to part ways with Seto too. She knows she will die because she is running out of medicine again. Seto is seen to be acting strangely and keeps having the recurring thoughts that everyone around him is dead and becomes terrified of being alone, becoming desprate to keep Ren close. After a fond farewell, Ren forcefully runs away from Seto because she doesn't want to die in front of him and make him sad. Seto who is now abandoned and alone, panics and attempts to find her, running into Shiro again. Following Shiro's advice, Seto goes to find Ren and the medicine.


Personal Frame (PF)Edit

Seto first saves PF from malfunctioning in the station after she was abandoned by her previous owner. He enjoys her company and depended on her to help navigate through the station and mall. He also made a promise to see a real crane together, which meant a lot to PF. PF seems to care very much for Seto's well being, and keeps him encouraged despite unfavorable odds. Though their time together was short, Seto admits that he liked having PF around and was extremely distraught when PF left him. He fulfilled her last wish to know his name and gives an emotional farewell to his short-lived companion, embracing her once last time. After making a small burial mound for PF, Seto keeps one of her screws to keep as a precious memento and later attests to missing her "dutiful voice".

Item MerchantEdit

Though not close friends, Seto and the Merchant have an amiable relationship. Inside the Oikawadani Dam, Seto discovers the Merchant's true identity, and is promptly kicked out in a huff. The Merchant later apologizes, and not wishing to lose his acquaintance, offers Seto a gift. Seto holds on to the Merchant's gift as a personal memento.


Crow Seto LunarHillFunLand1

Crow bullies Seto upon their meeting.

Although he was simply acting out a scene from a book he read, Crow immediately bullies Seto upon their sudden meeting. Crow steals his locket, making Seto give chase, however his antics help the two form a bond as first-time friends. Seto shows genuine concern when Crow takes his fatal fall, and before parting ways he asks if they will meet again (to which Crow replied that their friendship guarantees it). Though shocked by the kiss, Seto is sincerely touched and agrees to being Crow's best friend. Later, when they meet in the Dam, Seto is distressed by his friend's state, and before he passes Seto reiterates their friendship, stating that Crow was and will always be his first best friend, regardless of his identity. He respects Crow's request to stop crying, and states that his friend did not "shut down", but died.

In the manga, Seto meets Crow once again while he is dreaming. Seto is elated to see his friend again and starts sobbing in his dreams, claiming that he did not care if it was a dream or not. It is hinted that Seto may have missed his best friend so much that he dreamt about him.


Seto Sai talk on Dam

Sai consoles Seto, after Ren is taken.

The ghostly girl that Seto met in the Kurato Hotel. She attempts to intimidate him to make him leave the hotel, but she eventually agrees to accompany him. At first Sai follows out of boredom and curiosity, but she later begins to show actual concern and attachment to Seto, in spite of her teasing and sarcasm. Above the Oikawadani Dam, she warns Seto what lies ahead if he continues to pursue the silver-haired girl. Not wanting build false hope, she tells Seto that the silver-haired girl may end up hating him, however, Sai relents to Seto's wishes and guides him to the captive girl. At the story's climax, Sai confesses her love for Shin before disappearing with him. She thanks Seto before vanishing and Seto tears up silently afterwards, hinting that he felt hurt that he had lost another friend.

She appears one last time in the manga within Seto's dream as Seto's classmate, which demonstrates Seto's attachment to her.

Ren / The Silver-Haired GirlEdit

Although they did not formally introduce themselves until the end, Ren and Seto have formed a unique relationship. Ren is the motivating force for Seto, who is desperate for human interaction. At every encounter with her Seto shows nervousness due to his lack of experience with others. He admires her whimsical doodles, despite not knowing her, and becomes anxious when Ren is called to action by Shin. After seeing her captive, Seto makes it his goal to rescue her, despite Sai's warnings and the possibility that Ren may dislike him. After the game's conclusion, Seto and Ren travel together for some time, but Seto states that he is eventually left alone again, implying that he and Ren later separated.

In the manga, which takes place immediately after the videogame's events, Ren and Seto travel together with her white cat named Shiro. Upon stating that she needs medicine back at the Tokyo Tower, Seto is determined to make his way back and save her. She later separates from him, to save him from witnessing her death, however, this leads to Seto desperately searching for her again. Seto later dreams of Ren and all his friends, showing his love for them all.


For all quotes by Seto see Seto/quotes
Heh heh heh! I guess being on my own has made me that way.

–Seto, after Sai comments that he is tough

Because, I wanted to trust you. Um, does that sounds weird?

–Seto, replying to Chiyo about believing her

I just want be with.

–Seto's reply to Sai about the silver-haired girl


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