Soda Bottle
Soda Bottle Item
ラムネびん (Ramune Bottle)
Found in Lunar Hill Fun Land
Description An old, empty ramune soda bottle
Related memory items None

The Soda Bottle (ラムネびん ramune bottle) is a Memory Item that Seto picks up while searching Lunar Hill Fun Land. The distinct bottle is itself the subject of the memory it contains.


Whenever I drank one, I always wondered

how they got that little marble inside the bottle. When I put the bottle to my lips and turned it upside down, the marble would block the soda. But without the marble, I guess there'd be no point to the drink. I wanted it out, but it was stuck in there good. I could only touch it with my tongue. This is probably one of those things they call "completely out of reach." A wish never granted. This may have been my first lesson in that.


  • The soda bottle is actually a ramune bottle, a unique type of bottle from Japan that has a special chamber with a glass marble that acts as a stopper.