Special Flashlight
Special Flashlight Item
Type Light source
Stats N/A
Shape Square1
Found in Azabudai Station Mall
Description "This mysterious light illuminates things invisible to the naked eye such as hidden messages. Sometimes, however, there are some things best left unseen."
Price N/A
Sell value N/A

The Special Flashlight (不思議なライト Mysterious Light) is one of the light sources available for use in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. Seto comes upon the Special Flashlight whilst searching the Azabudai Station Mall storage room for the Star.


The Special Flashlight has the extraordinary ability to illuminate hidden messages not normally seen by the naked eye. It is unknown how the messages are written or how the Special Flashlight is able to uncover them, as Sai refuses to further elaborate on them. The messages can offer hints about Seto's current objective, but most of the time they offer only clues about the story and the past.

Like the original Flashlight, the Wii Remote cursor acts as the flashlight's focal point, and entering first-person view allows control of the area the flashlight illuminates in front of Seto. Unlike the other light sources, however, the Special Flashlight emits a green light, giving everything it illuminates an eerie glow.


Also unlike other light sources, beyond revealing Thought Entities the Special Flashlight does not significantly affect enemies. Therefore, it is inadvisable to use it when in battle, as it is mainly for exploration.