Butterfly Net Item

The butterfly net.

Staff Weapons or Staff-type Weapons are a subset of close combat weapons in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. The main damaging part of the staff weapon is fitted to the end of a long shaft to extending range and increase striking power with each swing. Though a fragile butterfly net is the first weapon Seto wields as a staff, he later obtains more formidable equipment.

Staff weapons are the first weapons that can be charged. Normally, Seto holds the weapon with two hands, and a single uncharged attack consists of Seto quickly thrusting staff forward. A charged attack can be performed by holding the attack button for a period of time. Holding for a short period of time allows Seto to lunge further and with more force. Holding for a longer period of time allows Seto to perform a large area attack, dealing large damage to all enemies around him. Charging the attacks is indicated by a yellow aura gathering around Seto while the attack button is held.

List of Staff WeaponsEdit

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