Tailored Jacket
Tailored Jacket
Found in Twilight Tower
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"Well this is a surprise. I didn't expect to see you here. Guess not even a worldwide calamity can shake you from your spot."

"Heh heh! Right back at you."

"...Point taken"

"You want me to spare you ears tonight?"


"'Cuz you don't wanna sleep?"

"No, actually. Put me to sleep."

"...Interesting. And just why do you want that?"

"I just... I just don't want my insomnia to make me the last person on Earth."

"I see."

"It's just that... My dad, my mom, all my friends... They all fell asleep, and..."

"I know. 

...Hey now, you already asleep? 

You'll catch a cold out here. 

Here, borrow my jacket. 

I... don't feel like dozing off just yet.

See? Now you don't have to worry about being the last one."