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Seto encountering a group of malicious thought entities.

Thought Entities are the manifestations of strong emotions left behind by the departed. Thought Entities take on many malicious forms and are first the primary enemies introduced in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.


Malicious Thought entities take on many forms. (See List Below)

List of Thought EntitiesEdit



  • If the player loses all Hit Points (i.e. dies), a short scenes plays showing a jellyfish floating in blackness. This can possibly show that Seto's emotions manifest as one of the Jellyfish thought entities in death.



Fragile Dreams Original Soundtrack PLUS Malice (Rare Boss ver02:22

Fragile Dreams Original Soundtrack PLUS Malice (Rare Boss ver.)

This music plays when fighting the Tree Sprit & Star-nosed Mole.

Fragile Dreams OST track 7 Malice02:56

Fragile Dreams OST track 7 Malice

The music that plays when you encounter normal enemies.

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