Toy Item
Found in Azabudai Underground Station
Description A small bird whistle, carved to resemble a duckling
Related memory items Paper Crane
Mother's Shoe

The Toy (おもちゃ Toy) is one of the first memory items Seto acquires in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. It can be found in the Azabudai Underground Station, on the landing immediately beyond the shutters and before the subway cars. The Toy continues the narrative between a mother and her daughter who are separated from one another.


Mother: Don't let in any strangers while I'm gone.

Child: Okay. Mother: Don't worry. Mommy will be back very soon. I promise. Has Mommy ever broken a promise to you? Child: Promise. Mother: That's right. I promise. Child: ...Mommy? Mother: Yes, sweetie? Child: Come back home quick, okay?

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