Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
Found in Kurato Hotel
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Dad's Ring


Dad: And, uh... do you promise to take her in sickness and in health...  Err, how's the next part go?

Son: Aw come on, already.  Do it right, Dad.

Dad: Cut me some slack.  I'm not even a priest.  I've never done this before...  Aw, it's no use!  Let's start over from the top. 

Girl: Don't worry about it. How about we make it simpler? This is our ceremony. We'll do it the way we want it.

Son: She's got a point Ready, Dad?  I promise to love her for the rest of my life.

Girl: And I promise the same.

Dad: A-All right, then. In that case...

Son: I can kiss the bride, remember?

Dad: I was going to say that!

Girl: Hee hee!

Her smile was so sweet, I found myself grinning back. I never realized how easy smiling could be. The happiness I'm feeling this very moment makes all of tomorrow's fears trivial in comparision, Whatever happens in the future, I'll always have this moment.

All I want to do now, from the bottom of my heart, is share this happiness with my son and new daughter. Even if the inevitable end is not that far off.

Son: Thanks, Dad.

Girl: Yes, Thank you, Father. 

Dad: Hahaha. Congratulaitons, to both of you.